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Love for Sale - Valentines

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My Valentine. [Fan].

Love holds the Key of this heart of mine, : A watchful fuardian too; : But since you are my Valentine : He cannot lock out you!

Will you give this to a certain boy for me.

A Valentine for Her.

To My Valentine : Dear lady if you're looking for a true and tender friend, just look at me and I will be your lover to the end.

To My Valentine : Don't let your fan hide your pretty face, but let all the world see your beauty and grace.

To My Valentine : When you dance, my dear, and shake your Tambourine, remember in my heart you reign as queen.

Valentine Greetings. It's Leap Year.

A Token of Affection.

How do you like this song - "Be- O! Be my Valentine."

To My Valentine.

A Greeting From St. Valentine.

My heart's in an awful stew! Are you or are you not my Valentine?

Kneading the flour : My Valentine is my sweet flower : I need, I need her every hour.

Feb. 14th. Let's Two-Step Together!

I hear you are Sweetness - be my Valentine.

I'll take you for my Valentine.

I Love You Dog-on Well.

I'm all "bald" up since I met you.

To My Valentine. Turn the wheel and you will find what's always in my heart and mind.

God's Blessing upon you!

Token of Love.

This will be a Ted Letter Day if you will be my Valentine!

To My Valentine.