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The Old Print Shop
150 Lexington Avenue
Between 29 & 30th Sts.
New York, NY 10016
tel: 212-683-3950
fax: 212-779-8040


Proprietors Information

Harry Shaw Newman (1896-1966) "Mr. Newman, known to some as the 'Prince of Prints' and to others as 'Mr. Americana,' embarked on his lifelong work when he discovered in the attic of his grandmother's old boarding house in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, two large folio Currier & Ives prints. He promptly took them to a local antique shop and sold them at what he thought to be a very good price. Rising to the bait, he abandoned his previous job and became a runner--buying and selling prints.

A born salesman, he came to know prints and loved to sell them. In 1928 he purchased The Old Print Shop in New York which was then run by two employees; today [1967] it has a staff of twelve. Mr. Newman soon emerged as an acknowledged authority in the world of prints, maps, and American art, and he was especially famous for his leadership in restoring to fame the work of Currier & Ives. He worked closely with the late Harry T. Peters of New York, the greatest collector of all in that field; and he also helped to build the notable collections of Irving S. Olds, the naval print expert, and William Coverdale, a specialist in Canadian subjects..." 1

Kenneth M. Newman, Harry's son, started full time at The Old Print Shop in 1949 and learned the business at his father's side. Early on, he traveled frequently with his father, visiting museums, collectors, and fellow dealers. On one trip to the Shelbourne Museum in Vermont, the founder, Mrs. James W. Webb, asked him to bring his toolbox. Mrs. Webb led him to the newly renovated Light House and said, "Please hang the art." By Sunday afternoon when it was time to leave, he had hung over 150 prints and paintings from the ceiling to the floor.

Today Kenneth Newman is considered one of the leading experts on American nineteenth-century prints. His dedication to American and Currier & Ives lithographs is well known to the readers of Portfolio. He is recognized as having restored to public notice the work of John James Audubon and American urban views. He has assisted in the building of many notable collections of American prints, both public and private.

Robert K. Newman, Kenneth's elder son, worked summers at The Old Print Shop during the 1970's and joined the staff after graduating from college in 1979. He received a BFA in photography but spent most of his time learning printmaking and art history. He brought with him a keen interest in early twentieth-century artists and printmakers and set out to add this material to the Shop's collection. Today the Shop is one of the leading galleries featuring early twentieth-century Americana fine art prints.

Harry Shaw Newman II, Kenneth's younger son, joined the staff in 1982. Like his brother, he had been a part-time apprentice during the summers and school holidays. Learning the business like his father, he brought with him an interest in eighteenth and nineteenth-century American prints and has been the driving force to renew the Shop's position in buying and selling maps and atlases.

All the Newmans agree that days are not boring at The Old Print Shop. They are surrounded by history. Interesting people walk through the door on a regular basis, sometimes with prints. Discovering a rare and unique print is always exciting.

The Old Print Shop has had many employees over the years, some full time, some part time, and some hired for specific tasks. Some of the people who helped shape the Shop include Esther Abo, Ruth Barnett, James Braxton, Helen Comstock, Bartlett Cowdrey, Robert Hall, Agnes Halsey, Robert Harley, Marie Lamb, Jane Lamston, Marchal Landgren, Janet Long, Janet Maddox, Edward Meyer, Marianne Murray, Jerie Newman, Nancy Newman, Charles O'Grady, Nettie Park, Andre St. Jean, Anthony Santore, Connie Van Schaack, Nancy Scheck, Kenneth Schuyler, Dorothea Shipley, Nancy Stout, Mary Tulimero, William Vargas, John Venuti, Robert Verry, and Nancy Welch.

Thank you for stopping by:
The Old Print Shop

1 American Heritage, February, 1967. "Harry Shaw Newman 1896-1966," pp. 97.