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Malice and Fortitude. There is no terror in your threats; for Iam arm'd so strong in honesty, that they pass by me, as the idle mind, Which I respect not. Shakespeare.


  • PUBLISHER: The Political Register. vol. iii., for Oct., 1768.

  • MEDIUM: Copper plate engraving

    DATE: 1768

  • EDITION SIZE: Image 4 x 4 1/4"(10.2 x 10.7 cm)

  • DESCRIPTION: This print appeared as a frontispiece to the Political Register, June 1768.<br><br> Satire eulogising John Wilkes and attacking his enemies. He stands under a palm tree behind a low picket fence lettered “the pale of English Liberty”, one hand resting on a low column lettered “fortitude” and the other pointing to his chest on which is written ,as if on a collar, “magna Charta”. He is approached by a threatening group led by Lord Bute holding a drawn sword, beside whom stands Princess Augusta with a dagger raised as if to stab Wilkes, behind them is a blindfold figure probably intended for the King, and Lord Mansfield holding a scroll lettered “Nulli differemus justiciam”. Over Mansfield’s Sir Fletcher Norton raises his fist, and at the back Lord Sandwich, in a jockey’s cap and carrying a cricket bat, looks on angrily. The genius of Truth hovers over Wilkes holding a mirror and a wreath that she is about to place on his head. Underneath are four lines from Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”. (Act IV, Sc.3).


  • CONDITION: Good condition.

  • REFERENCE: BM 4239

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